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Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are revolutionising more and more areas of management consulting. We enable you to step into the future: into the age of Consulting 4.0.


my consulting solutions: digital management tools and smart connections to the customer

With my consulting solutions, you can access an extensive digital management toolbox and adapt it to your specific project requirements, making you faster, more effective, and more efficient.

You also have the opportunity to give your clients access to a digital client module and provide long-term inspiration thanks to new methods and workflows.


my consulting solutions

The first digital consulting assistance system for consultants


You want to advise more effectively and efficiently? To create a completely new experience for your customers? To build a lasting customer relationship and implement new business models? With my consulting solutions, it all becomes possible! With what exactly?

With the smart

Our smart toolbox provides you with a variety of interactive management tools and methods for different counselling topics. You can also combine the tools to create specific guidance processes.

ith the knowledge and tool
platform for your customers

With access to your digital knowledge world, you empower your customers to work on specific topics independently and enable them to access specific know-how at any time. Thus, you not only ensure lasting customer loyalty - but can also generate new revenues.

in detail

The three success factors for consultants 

Realise significantly more effective and efficient consulting and qualification processes


With my consulting solutions you can

  • access a wide range of top management tools and consulting solutions - for example, the application fields "Developing new & revolutionary business models" or "Developing sustainability strategies",
  • digitalise your specific consulting logic and your custom-made tools,
  • enable easy onboarding and rapid qualification for new advisors, and
  • significantly reduce your costs through digital support during the advisory processes.



Create a completely new consulting experience for your customers 


With my consulting solutions, you can 

  • work on projects together with your customers. 

  • carry out analyses and surveys quickly and efficiently. 

  • network easily and effectively with internal and external knowledge carriers. 

Build lasting customer relationships and new business opportunities


With my consulting solutions

  • your clients can access the knowledge world of the platform with a sub-licence issued by you, which offers continuously updated benchmarks, environmental developments, trends, innovations, etc., whilst
  • you become a permanent partner for your clients in strategic matters due to the ongoing exchange of knowledge.

Want to learn more?

Dive into the age of Consulting 4.0 together with us through a guided video conference!

If you would like to get to know the functions and possibilities of the first digital consulting assistance system in more detail, please arrange ideally two or three convenient meetings. We will then contact you immediately and immerse you in the age of Consulting 4.0 via video conference.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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